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With our competitive prices, professional craftsmanship and bespoke composite deck installation services, Bright River offers the best composite deck installation service available. Dedicated to providing quality decks, we always recommend Trex® and Millboard®, utilize the latest deck construction techniques, and only use quality materials to guarantee your deck will last a long time.

Our St Albans composite decking fitting experts, who are experienced working with many different garden projects, will choose the right composite decking according to your tastes and budget requirements. We have extensive experience working with many types of gardens - You will love our results whether they're rooftop gardens, courtyards, or anything in between.

You can expect our service to exceed your expectations from conception to completion.

Composite decking material provides an aesthetic and functional stability for your deck by providing corrosion resistance and breathable properties. It is made from Ash wood, which has very few knots as well as adhering to itself once placed on the deck. Thus, an installation is more seamless as a result. If you are planning to install a deck at your home or place of business, composites are the perfect choice. This is one of the best decking materials, and for good reason; there are few that can beat it. With its incredible strength, resistance to mould and rot, and lightweight, it is ideal for moving with ease on any piece of equipment. Because of their lightweight and durability, composite decks are popular. Using the right materials, they can be durable and stay looking great even when the weather is extreme. Buying custom-built residential or commercial properties means you should consider installing a good deck. Instead of buying unnecessary add-ons, invest in durable materials. Now and then, wood may wear out quickly because of its strength while others might be fine with a little maintenance. Before refacing or throwing away old boards, consider having your decking done by a professional. The decks already in place maintain their beauty while saving you both time and money.

How should composite decking be cleaned?

Cleaning composite decking is generally not a difficult task, and can be done with soap and water, but hot water should be avoided. It is recommended to take extra care when drying off decking that has been exposed to hot water for longer than three hours.

Do composite decks last for a long time?
It depends on many factors how long a composite deck will last. In the right environment, our composite decking can last over 25 years.

Why is composite decking a good choice?
With polyvinyl chloride and natural wood laminated together, composite decking offers a longer lifespan and a cleaner appearance than wood. It's an easy two-step process to install, and very few tools are needed. The moisture-resistant and anti-fungal material of Composite Decking also means that it will not rot in the event of mildew and other forms of rot. The material offers a wide range of colours, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Composite decking is the best decking material available today, offering all the benefits of wood with the strength and durability of composite materials. It is a maintenance-free material that offers the natural beauty and texture of wood. As well as being beautiful and practical, composite decking creates a refined, natural look for your outdoor space that will last for many years to come. It is made up of post-industrial hardwood fibres and brand new hardwood veneers with engineered resins.

Is decking something you can install yourself?
Of course, composite decking may be installed by you. However, a professional fitter will complete the job in half the time and to the highest standard. The task of installing decking is not an easy one. Expertise and equipment are needed to do the job. Our decking fitters in St Albans are here to help with your decking installation. Call us today for a no obligation quote.

Is it possible to lay decking directly on the ground?

The deck should not be installed on soil directly. A frame should be laid and the ground should be prepared prior to installing the deck.




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  • Transcend® decking is engineered with unrivalled fade, stain, scratch and mould resistance

  • Hassle-free maintenance takes the work out of the weekend



  • Transcend® composite decking is designed in six rich, lasting colours and a natural-looking timber grain

  • Two distinct styles: premium tropical colours and rich classic earth tones

  • Pairs with Trex Signature® railing for unmatched design possibilities



  • Trex Transcend® composite decking is made from 95% recycled materials

  • Backed by two industry-leading limited warranties against material defects and against fade & stain


Made from an innovative blend of reclaimed timber and plastic film, Transcend decking makes use of earth-friendly manufacturing processes, free from the use of harmful chemicals. Wherever possible, Trex use post-consumer and post-industrial materials. In addition to their drive to create greener materials, they also conduct supply chain assessments to be sure their partners share their approach to ethical and responsible green business practices. See how using a 95% recycled board (that’s almost the whole thing) makes you feel about the great outdoors.


Everyone loves the natural look of timber but hates all the painting, staining and sealing. Timber decks of all types, including pressure-treated timber, ipe, cedar or redwood, require extensive upkeep. Trex was designed with the beauty of timber decking, but not all the maintenance. Trex high-performance, eco-friendly composite boards withstand years of sun, sleet and snow, keeping their rich colour. Through it all, they have never felled a single tree. So when comparing composite decking vs. timber, there’s no competition as to which decking material is best.

Whereas Trex is low-maintenance, timber decks:

  • Can rot, split, swell, twist and fade

  • Crack from insect infestation

  • Require annual painting, staining or sealing

  • Splinter easily

  • Contribute to deforestation


Transcend decking’s deep timber-grain pattern and luxury colours create a premium, ageless look that leaves other composites in the dust. Rich, fade-resistant colours mimic the look of natural timber while keeping maintenance to a minimum. Trex Transcend decking colours hail from two different colour families: Premium Tropicals offer an exotic look, while Classic Earth Tones lend a cosy touch to any garden landscape.


No sanding. No staining. No painting. No kidding. (Not to mention simple soap-and-water cleaning.) While traditional timber decks require a lot of work, Transcend decking does not require any of the time-consuming prep work before or after installation. Transcend decking is made with minimal upkeep in mind, so it’s easy to keep your deck beautiful for years to come.


Transcend maintains its vibrant colour and luxurious finish–come scorching sun or red-wine spill–thanks to its unyielding, three-side shell protection…and a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty. Trex Transcend composite decking is made from a blend of plastic and timber fibres to create a sturdy core. This core is then encased in a synthetic shell on three sides, which protects it from the elements and offers resistance to fading, scratches, or developing mould or mildew.





Millboard combines the natural beauty of real wood with the high performance of polyurethane, a material widely recognized for its strength. Polyurethane is used in many industries where durability and strength is required, eliminating the inevitable rotting, warping and deterioration of natural wood. Millboard maintains a functional and highly attractive deck for years to come.

"Millboard decking provided an ideal surface for what the clients required. It looks superb and it needs little or no maintenance to stay that way."

Project Coordinator, Decking on Steel


The unique Lastane layer resists scratches and stains and is designed to withstand demanding outdoor environments.


The dual-tone Lastane surface is hand tinted using pigments designed to replicate the look of natural timber


Millboard is wood-free and non-porous, which means high resistance to algae growth and excellent anti-slip properties.


The unique. closed 'cellular' internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.


The structural core is a blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength.


Millboard decking is solid, not hollow. This makes it strong and means it won't warp, rot or harbour insects and pests like timber would.


Moulded from real oak


Highly slip-resistant




Rot & split resistant


Lost-head fixing


Low maintenance

Enhanced Grain.PNG
Weathered Oak.PNG

Les has an extraordinarily keen eye for detail. Plans were drawn up promptly to the minutest of detail in relation to work to be completed, which were then shown and explained to me.  Very reasonable costs were agreed prior to work being carried out. I was so pleased with the completed work to my living room, hall, kitchen and bedroom - absolutely stunning result for a very reasonable price!  I cannot recommend Les’ work highly enough - he is a perfectionist and always gives 110% - never finishing a job until you are absolutely happy with the result.  I highly recommend Les.



After receiving a recommendation for Les from my neighbour,  I asked for his help to help redesign my small garden and decking area. 
Les came up with a great design based on my requests.
I was very happy with the tidy, accurate and friendly way he worked to achieve what was set out in the design. I've been very pleased with the results. 
I'm planning to use Les' skills for more work in the future.



Les Dennis designed from scratch and built by hand mine and my husband’s dream mezzanine! It not only looked absolutely beautiful but it was skilfully crafted and super sturdy! We could not be more thrilled with the result, not to mention the wonderful customer service! We could not recommend Les more highly - we even had him back to do our kitchen tiles (everyone always comments on how great they look). You won’t get anything but the highest quality from Les Dennis.

Bethany Billy,


An excellent job; Les was honest, reliable and realistic about every aspect of the job. He delivered a great quality job, with good attention to detail on time and on budget. A pleasure to do business with.


St Stephen's

Les responded to our request for raised beds and a new shed but we were so impressed with his ideas we asked him to do a full back garden makeover for us. His plan was excellent and we decided to go ahead with only a couple of very minor changes. The result is stunning and a number of friends have now seen the new garden and all said ‘Wow’. Les started when he said he would, turned up every day and worked really hard (even in the pouring rain). We now have a beautiful garden that we are proud of and it is all down to Les and his vision of what we could achieve. Les is reliable, trustworthy and such a hard worker. We give him 5 stars and have no hesitation in strongly recommending him. We would definitely use him again.

Colin & Alison,

St Albans

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